Scouter Development

Why do you need Scouter Development ?

In recent years there has been a growing awareness that the work done in the Scouting program is true youth ministry. As adults we are witnessing not only to our own faith commitment, but we are also trying to help the Scout make a personal faith commitment.

The Scouter Development: Lay Apostolate Formation for Scouting program is designed to help Scouters come to a better understanding of the role of religious faith in their lives. The program is designed to be experiential and not overly didactic. Through a series of guided reflections, both the individual and the group examine Scripture passages to ascertain how God is calling each of us to respond.

The Scouter does not have to know any specific doctrines, nor is an extensive knowledge of Scripture presumed. What is of critical importance, however, is that the Scouter be reflective and be willing to share those reflections with others.

Simply put, you need Catholic Scouter Development to:

  • Become a better Scouter
  • Become a better Catholic
  • Become better at integrating the two
  • Become better at serving our youth
  • Become a step closer to earning the Diocesan¬†Bronze Pelican Award