DCCS Bronze Pelican

BronzePelican2The Diocese of Orange Catholic Committee on Scouting awards the Bronze Pelican to men and women in recognition of their influence in the spiritual formation of the Catholic Youth in the Scouting movement. The Pelican has been used as a liturgical symbol since the early days of Christianity to denote the tender care of the young by a parent and by the Church.

The Diocese Bronze Pelican is a diocesan award: A candidate has to be nominated by someone as a recognition for their service to Catholic Scouting in the Diocese. Listed below are the three basic requirements:

– Be currently registered in Scouting with five (5) years of service.

– Have participated in the Scouter Development – Spiritual Formation during the past five (5) years.

– Have been directly or indirectly responsible for a minimum of five (5) Catholic boys or girls
earning the Religious Emblem appropriate to their Scouting age level.

Bronze-Pelican Cover

Bronze Pelican Award – Application Form (93 kB)