Pillars of Faith


The purpose of the Pillars of Faith program is to provide a special recognition to those Boy Scouts who have earned all four of the Catholic Religious Emblems.  For every 100 boys who join Scouting, only 4% reach the rank of Eagle.  Even fewer Scouts earn a Religious Emblem, so to earn all four Catholic Religious Emblems is a monumental feat.  The Pillars of Faith -Duty to God pin recognizes these Scouts.

The name and design of the award represent the fact that the four Religious Emblems are like pillars, supporting the Scout’s development in and appreciation of his Catholic faith.  The Religious Emblems are the pillars, not the roof, for none of us are ever done growing in our faith.  The design also includes the Church, Bible, and cross, other essential elements in faith.

The Scout must have completed Light of Christ, Parvuli Dei, Ad Altare Dei, and Pope Pius XlI

Previous Years:
Scouts who have earned all four Religious Emblems in previous years are eligible to receive the Pillars of Faith pin.

Presentation of the Pillars of Faith Pin:
This award should be presented as the highest religious recognition that a Scout can achieve while he is on the Scouting Trail. The Pillars of Faith pin should be presented in a formal Awards Mass or appropriate formal ceremony (preferably by the Bishop, Pastor or Priest). The key is to make the presentation very special, so the youth understands the magnitude of what he has achieved. Also, the recognition should be presented in a timely manner so the youth is recognized shortly after earning his fourth Religious Emblem.

Wearing the Pillars of Faith Pin:
The recipient can wear the pin on his Scout uniform. Additionally, once the recipient becomes an adult, he can wear the pin on his adult Scout uniform or as a lapel pin. The Pillars of Faith pin can become a pin that the recipient wears proudly at both Scouting and other events.